How Abivin Optimizes Sales Route

Sales Route is important, especially in D2C companies and D2C marketing. So how can a salesperson go to as many stores as possible? Let's find out in this article!

1. What is Sales Route Optimization?

Any traveling salesman would agree: multi-stop route planning is one of the most tedious and stressful parts of their job. However, most sales teams don't invest in proper route planning and optimization.

What is Sales Route Optimization?
What is Sales Route Optimization?

Ineffective scheduling is the number one killer of time management and productivity for outside salesmen. When you have a meeting scheduled outside of the office, you can save time and money by taking some time to plan out who else you could meet in that general area. It may seem obvious, but how often have you found yourself wasting time driving out of your way from one place to another because of ineffective scheduling?

Sales Route Optimization is the act of using various methods to create sales routes for a team of salesmen, with multiple goals like minimizing cost, maximizing visits, or maximizing revenue.

2. How Abivin optimize Sales Route

At Abivin, we incorporated Abivin vRoute Logistics Platform with a powerful Sales Route Optimization algorithm. The process starts when you input the data of stores and constraints like visit frequency, time windows, sales target, maximum visit. After that, our algorithm automatically divides those stores into different groups and assigns salesmen to satisfy all constraints.

How Abivin optimizes Sales Route
How to optimize Sales Route

If you assign manually, there will be a lot of overlapped territories, which our algorithm helps sort out to avoid overlapped regions. The one critical question is what do you want to optimize for: Minimum number of salesmen or max revenue? Minimum traveling distance or Minimum revenue difference between salesmen?

3. Benefits of Sales Route Optimization

Benefits of Sales Route Optimization
Benefits of Sales Route Optimization

Several benefits of optimizing sales route using Abivin vRoute are:

  • Reduce cost by saving fuel
  • Increase customer visits per trip
  • Achieve sales target with accurate calculation
  • Analyze past data to improve performance
  • Save all sales data automatically

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