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Transportation Management

Create efficient transportation plan in minutes to minimize logistics cost and maximize fleet productivity

Dynamic Supply Chain Operating System

Helps you manage transportation effectively so you can rest easy on every shipment

Web App for Managers,


Enable Supply Chain Visibility

Oversee every Supply Chain function from your customized Control Tower. 

Select Carriers Automatically

Choose the most efficient Carriers for your shipments with Abivin algorithm.

Optimize Delivery and Loading Plan

Powerful optimization for distribution center, cold chain, pickup delivery, long-haul model, and more.

Improve Decision Making Efficiency

Monitor KPIs, compile and analyze data with powerful business intelligence dashboard.

Abivin vRoute Web App

Mobile App for Deliverymen,


Enforce Compliance

Create tasks for your deliverymen and monitor their delivery progress in real-time.

Improve Customer Service

Multiple ePODs (Photo checkin, sign on glass, geo-fencing...) help ensure shipment completion.

Ensure Process Transparency

Confirmation and tracking for each stage in the process helps improve transparency and avoid fraud.

Abivin vRoute Mobile App

Mobile App for Consumers

Streamline Order Fulfillment Process

Consumers, Retailers, Distributors choose products, quantity & place orders easily.

Track Delivery Status

Like Web App, the Mobile App enables users to track deliverymen and delivery status in real time.

White Label for Enterprises

The Consumer Mobile App can be used as a white label app for your enterprise.


Powered by Optimization Algorithms

Proprietary Algorithms developed by Abivin to solve to logistics problems

Vehicle Routing Problem

Vehicle Routing Problem

Flexible algorithm considers 30+ constraints like multimodal deliveries, weight volume capacities, time windows... to create the most optimal transportation plan dynamically.

Pickup & Delivery Problem

Pickup & Delivery Problem

Create Full Truck Load (FTL) or Less Than Truck Load (LTL) orders and let the system assign automatically the most suitable vehicles for your transportation plan.

3D Loading & Inventory Routing

3D Loading & Inventory Routing

Allocate orders to vehicles, optimizing length, width, height and visualize the shipment in a 3D interface. Inventory routing minimizes the number of stockouts and save distribution cost.

Sales Route Optimization

Sales Route Optimization

Before delivery, you need to make sales. Just input constraints like visit frequency, time windows, sales target, maximum visit, to optimize routes and assign salesmen to visit customers. 

Carriers Selection Algorithm

Carriers Selection Algorithm

With just one click, our algorithm analyzes hundreds of Billing Services in your database and helps you choose the most efficient Carriers for your shipments.

Cold Chain Transportation

Cold Chain Transportation

Automatically assign orders with temperature constraints to refrigerated vehicles. Keep track of accurate temperature level, as Abivin vRoute can be integrated with telematics devices.

End-to-End Track & Trace

Create efficient plan and Maximize fleet productivity with three simple steps

Plan route with optimization algorithms

Planning with Optimization Algorithms

Whether you run a distribution center, pickup & delivery model, using in-house or outsourced delivery fleet, just click the magic button "OPTIMIZE" to let Abivin decide the best possible routes, vehicles or carriers for your shipments.


Additionally, you can visualize your loading plan in 3D to make final adjustments.


Dispatching and Controling fleets

While deliverymen are in the field, being assisted by the Mobile App, you can oversee the entire process in the real-time map. Multiple ePODs like mobile signature, geo-fencing,... help you monitor delivery status and enable complete transparency. Abivin is here to help you improve your customer service and SLA compliance.

Dispatch and control fleet
compile reports and analyze data

Compiling Reports and Analyzing Data

Instead of hours, you can get the Excel report that you need in minutes. On Abivin vRoute, just choose from 20 types of standard report we provide, determine date range and click export. You can also access a broad range of logistics data in the Business Intelligence Dashboard. Our state-of-the-art analytical power assists you to make the most accurate, data-driven decisions to transform your business.


We help multiple sectors find success in Supply Chain Management

Trusted by customers worldwide

Customers of Abivin

"Abivin is one of the most innovative companies that I've been working with. The team is very easy to work with, talented, capable, technically proficient, and receptive to changing requirements and conditions. I would highly recommend them as an IT partner."


IT Manager

A Global Leading FMCG Company

Our integration partners

integration partners of Abivin

Abivin vRoute can be seamlessly integrated with multiple ERP and Telematics systems to give you a connected supply chain management workflow. Some systems that we have successfully integrated with come from major companies like SAP, Oracle, Manhattan Associates, Microsoft and more. 

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Reduce Logistics Cost

over time

Increase Load Capacity


Improve End-to-end

Supply Chain Visibility

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