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  • Why should I use Abivin vRoute?
    Abivin vRoute is a fully-fledged Transport Management System. You should use Abivin vRoute if you are facing problems in logistics like manual transportation management, inefficient delivery planning, high logistics costs, too much dependence on driver/dispatcher experience, or lack of transport visibility.
  • Who can use Abivin vRoute?
    Both Shippers and Carriers can use Abivin vRoute. By sector, Abivin vRoute can be used by Container Freight Operators, Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Carriers. By industry, Abivin vRoute can cater to companies in FMCG, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Retail, Building Materials, Home Appliance...
  • How can Abivin vRoute help my company?
    Abivin vRoute helps manage multiple logistics tasks in one comprehensive platform, making it the operating system of your supply chain. We help you decrease ~80% route/shipment planning time, enable complete transportation visibility and automatically export insightful reports.
  • What are the requirements to use Abivin vRoute?
    From the business side, your company should have at least 10 delivery vehicles to be suitable for optimization. The more vehicles you have, the more time and cost we can save for you. From the techical side, we require a laptop/PC with Chrome installed to run the Web App, and Android/iOS devices with internet enabled to run the Mobile App.
  • Is Abivin vRoute available in my country?
    Abivin vRoute can run anywhere with Google Maps service. Please contact our consultants team if you would like to check your for country.
  • How do I get started using Abivin vRoute?
    Just click on this link: and enter the required information. Our consultant will contact to get you on board within 24 hours if your information are qualified.
  • I outsource my deliveries. Can I still use Abivin vRoute?
    Yes, Abivin vRoute can be used even if you don't use an in-house fleet. You can generate optimal routing plan on Abivin system and automatically transfer the tasks to your Carriers, or let your Carriers log in the system and optimize route themselves.
  • How does Abivin vRoute pricing work?
    Depending on the specific models, generally there are One-time fees for professional services and Recurring Subscription fees. Contact us at for detailed information on pricing.
  • What is the Web App?
    Abivin vRoute solution consists of a Web App and a Mobile App. The Web App is used by managers, supervisors, dispatchers to perform multiple logistics tasks like storing data, planning route, dispatching fleet, tracking progress, reporting, among others.
  • Who uses the Web App?
    Directors, managers, supervisors, dispatchers in departments like Supply Chain, Logistics, IT, Finance, Purchasing, Sales, BOD can access and use the Web App with specific role access.
  • How can the Web App help me?
    The Web App consolidate multiple logistics and supply chain tasks into a single platform. With Abivin vRoute Web App, you can control your entire supply chain by performing tasks like storing data, planning route, planning inventory, dispatching fleet, tracking progress, reporting, among others.
  • What if multiple departments in my company need to use the Web App?
    Multiple departments and personnel can have multiple accounts with different roles and permissions to access Abivin vRoute Web App.
  • What can I track on the Web App?
    You can track your order/shipment status, driver's whereabout, electronic Proof of Delivery (Photo Checkin, Geo-fencing, Eletronic Signature,...).
  • Can I see where my drivers are on the Web App?
    Yes, you can see where your drivers are in real-time.
  • What is the Mobile App?
    Abivin vRoute solution consists of a Web App and a Mobile App. The Mobile App is used by general field staff like deliverymen, salesmen,... to perform field tasks like goods delivery, containers transportation, sales, distribution, etc.
  • Who uses the Mobile App?
    General field staff like deliverymen, salesmen.
  • How can the Mobile App help me?
    The Mobile App helps your field staff know which task to do, and in which order. Your field staff can also enter information on the Mobile App like received money, license plate,... and perform Electronic Proof of Delivery like Photo Checkin, getting Electronic Signature. The Mobile App also works as the GPS device to let you track your field staff on the Web App.
  • What are Abivin's algorithms?
    Logistics and Supply Chain is an industry with various problems that can be solved by math. Abivin algorithm are computer algorithms researched and developed by Abivin to solve various problems Logistics and Supply Chain for your company.
  • What can Abivin's algorithms do?
    Depending on the specific modules, Abivin's algorithms help you: - Create the most optimal transportation/delivery/visit plan dynamically, automatically assign the most suitable vehicles for FTL and LTL orders. - Optimize and visualize load plan in 3D. - Suggest the most efficient Carriers for your shipments. - Minimize the number of stockouts for you inventory.
  • How do Abivin's algorithms help me?
    With Abivin's algorithms, you can save your planning and dispatching time. Your logistics costs shall decrease, as we help you minimize the numbers of vehicles needed for delivery, and choose the most cost efficient Carriers for shipments.
  • Can I use multiple Abivin's algorithms?
    Yes, you can use multiple Abivin's algorithms. Our consultants are available help you solve any problem and work more efficiently at
  • How do I know if Abivin's algorithms are effective?
    You can export reports with various KPIs to check and compare with your actual manual plans.
  • Who owns the data in my account?
    Abivin vRoute customers own their own data, not Abivin. The data that Abivin vRoute organizations and users put into our systems is theirs, and we do not scan it for advertisements or sell it to third parties. Furthermore, when customers delete their data, we are committed to remove it from our systems within 180 days.
  • How do Abivin protect my data?
    At Abivin, data security is of the top priority. We keep your data safe and secure by using many critical security methods. Protecting customer data is a primary design consideration for all of Abivin’s products and personnel operations. Our security model and policies enable us to address vulnerabilities quickly or prevent them entirely. For these reasons, more and more companies, including companies in the Fortune 500, trust Abivin's services. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us with any enquiry.
  • Does Abivin backup my data?
    Yes. We back up data daily. All backup data is restored on geographically separated cloud, and encrypted on rest.
  • Do you offer the ability to provide a client hosted service (on-premise)?
    Abivin haven't supported this yet. We provide Software as a Service (SAAS). Because infrastructural issues may arise during deployment, our SLA commitment may not be asssured in case we consider to provide a client hosted service.
  • Can Abivin's system be integrated with our ERP/existing systems?
    Yes. Abivin's system can be integrated seamlessly with major ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.), DMS, or any of your existing systems. Please let us know your current existing systems so our consultant team will get back to you shortly.
  • Can we integrate with Abivin via APIs?
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