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We help you increase transparency in container transport process so you don't have to worry about fraud or inaccurate reporting.


Reduced Operational Costs


Decreased shipment dispatching and planning time


Shipment and Fleet Visibility

Abivin vRoute

Logistics Optimization for Container Freight

Abivin vRoute app for containers freight

Track & Trace Shipments in real-time

Advanced track-and-trace technology gives you a complete visibility over your supply chain. You can track the current and historical location of containers, trailers, trucks, or barges to manage and plan shipment effectively and never lose sight of your assets.

track and trace shipments in real time
reduce logistics cost

Reduce Logistics Costs

A simple flow of reporting/approving surcharges (handling, fuel, gas, toll fees, etc.) helps managers and accountants reduce heavy workload. Compiling precisely various types of surcharge reports is just one click away, saving up to 40+ hours per month.

Enable Process Transparency

Eliminate risks of fraud resulting from drivers taking long routes, wrongful fuel/fee claiming, inaccurate drivers' KPIs, which can lead to high costs and loss of assets.

process transparency
digitize end-to-end process

Digitize End-to-End Process

Every working step, every document is digitalized and can be accessed anytime, anywhere by people in charge. No more heavy paperworks, time-consuming document verifying process and less dependence on human experience.

Analyze and Optimize shipment plan

Data about shipments, containers, trailers, etc. is analyzed systematically and can be accessed on demand in the form of graphs, charts, tables. Our system can assist you to make a highly optimal dispatching plan to improve logistics efficiency over time.

analyze and optimize shipment plan
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Our integration partners

integration partners of Abivin

Abivin vRoute can be seamlessly integrated with multiple ERP and Telematics systems to give you a connected supply chain management workflow. Some systems that we have successfully integrated with come from major companies like SAP, Oracle, Manhattan Associates, Microsoft and more. 

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Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) is the most modern, professional and biggest container terminal operator in Vietnam, holding the leading market share among the terminal operators in Vietnam. 

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