Quoc Huan Food uses Abivin vRoute to solve delivery problems

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Quoc Huan Food uses Abivin vRoute to solve delivery problems
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quoc huan food uses abivin vroute

Quoc Huan Trading Services., Ltd was established and put into operation on June 26, 2013. The company specializes in providing food from fresh to frozen, from vegetables to livestock, poultry, and seafood.

Quoc Huan Food is currently taking the lead in providing food for kitchens in large and small industrial zones in the Southeast. With the orientation of approaching the market by the product and service quality, Quoc Huan Food has been implementing processes to ensure food safety and improve service quality better and better. In addition to industrial kitchens, Quoc Huan Food's customers also include household businesses.

Delivery challenges before applying the technology

fleets of Quoc Huan Food

Quoc Huan owns a fleet of trucks. Every day, the fleet delivers frozen food to customers/partners in Bien Hoa and Dong Nai.

As the number of vehicles increases, the company faces more difficulties in managing and coordinating deliveries. These difficulties include: drivers do not know about the delivery plan (time, location, contact information, etc.), dispatchers do not have visibility over the delivery process in real-time, they do not have enough information and data to rate service quality. The low efficiency of vehicle exploitation also costs businesses a lot of time and money.

To solve the above problems, improve customer service quality, and orientate towards the digital transformation, Quoc Huan decided to look for a transportation management software to optimize logistics.

Result after applying the technology

Deliverymen from Quoc Huan Food uses Abivin vRoute

In 2019, after the testing and evaluation process, Quoc Huan selected Abivin as a software partner to jointly solve painful problems in logistics management.

The cooperation project between Quoc Huan and Abivin is divided into stages of testing, training dispatchers to use Web App, training delivery staff to use Mobile App, and evaluating the effectiveness and improvement. Throughout more than a year of putting technology into practice, Quoc Huan always has timely help and support from the Abivin team to solve any problems during the new system’s implementation.

After applying Abivin's logistics optimization solution, Quoc Huan has largely solved most of their previous problems. With the Mobile App, the delivery staff can get information about the delivery plan (time, location, order, quantity, price) anytime, anywhere. With the Web App, dispatchers can track and manage deliveries in real-time. All data about the delivery process will be recorded for evaluating service quality. Besides, thanks to the unique optimization algorithm, the orders are automatically assigned to delivery vehicles to maximize the vehicle fill rate.

After more than a year of applying new technology to operation, Mr. Thanh Nhan - Head of Quoc Huan's digital transformation project, said that the company had saved much of working time thanks to the convenient and accurate daily routing feature. Dispatchers have significantly reduced their workload so they can focus more on tracking and managing the delivery process. More importantly, technology has helped keep the two-way information exchange consistent between the dispatcher and the driver.

Perspectives on the partnership

Delivery staff from Quoc Huan Food

Mr. Nhan also acknowledged that Quoc Huan had achieved particular accomplishments after the one-year cooperation. Looking to the future, Quoc Huan also wants to use some more functions of the Abivin vRoute solution, such as Purchase Order Management. On the side of Quoc Huan, the enterprise also wants to improve the level of personnel to be able to use many other functions of the Abivin vRoute solution.

Abivin will continue to research and develop more convenient features to bring more value to customers, helping to improve operational efficiency and reduce logistics costs for businesses. Considering a portfolio of customers from both medium-sized (Quoc Huan Food, Tien Dong Tien, Sumer, Hifood) to big ones (DSV, Coteccons, Habeco), Abivin has continually developed products to solve the most painful problems in logistics operations.

Quoc Huan Food Delivery staff from Quoc Huan Food A fleet of trucks from Quoc Huan Food A fleet of driving trucks from Quoc Huan Food
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