We help you select the best carrier for each shipment, as well as track the carrier's delivery progress so you don't have to worry about cargo conditions.

Abivin vRoute

Logistics Optimization for Manufacturers / Good Owners

Select Carriers Automatically

Based on the delivery routes and various constraints like vehicle types, time windows, working time, Abivin's Algorithm selects Carrier that costs the least or has the best service offer for your transportation plan.

Reduce Logistics Costs

Besides selecting carriers with the best offer to reduce cost, Abivin vRoute also optimizes the route plans for those carriers. Managers and dispatchers can also reduce time and cost by working with digitalized documents instead of traditional paperworks, saving up to ~1,200 hours per year.

Track & Trace your Shipments

Abivin vRoute gives you a comprehensive view of your transportation process using real-time Track-and-trace technology. Manufacturers, good owners can track the delivery progress, truck locations with a real-time map and multiple Proof of Delivery methods like Photo Check-In, Electronic Signature, OTP SMS, geofencing authentication and more.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Abivin vRoute helps you increase On Time In Full (OTIF) delivery rates to keep your customers happy, while your customers can check ETA anytime to prepare yards/warehouse for a more efficient loading. With multiple Proof of Delivery methods, you can keep track of delivery status and timing to improve Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance.

Analyze Data for decision making

With 20+ different Excel reports and a Business Intelligence Dashboard, you can effortlessly compile any data needed for your monthly/quarterly/yearly reports. Abivin vRoute system can analyze data and assist you to make a highly efficient plan to improve logistics process.


Decreased Transport Planning Time

650+ hours/year

Reduced Dispatching and Report 

compilation time


Increased Service Efficiency Level

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Abivin vRoute can be seamlessly integrated with multiple ERP and Telematics systems to give you a connected supply chain management workflow. Some systems that we have successfully integrated with come from major companies like SAP, Oracle, Manhattan Associates, Microsoft and more. 


Chief Representative

A. O. Smith in Vietnam

We work with Abivin on multiple occasions. The team always deliver quality work, and do not rest until our expectations are fully met. I'm very happy with their software services, and would definitely recommend Abivin to our business partners.

IT Manager

A multinational leading consumer goods corporation

Abivin is one of the most innovative companies that I've been working with. The team is very easy to work with, talented, technically proficient, and receptive to changing requirements and conditions. I highly recommend them as an IT partner.

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