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Updated: Jul 17

For Shippers, searching for the best freight shipping rates among a plethora of Carriers can be very time-consuming without the right tools or processes. Often times, multiple phone calls have to be made just to find the best rate for one shipment. Because of that, it is almost impossible to have the best price moving forward for all of the shipments manually. Unfortunately enough, even with the best rates at hand, freight shipping is sometimes delayed by factors outside of anyone’s control. As a result, Shippers are usually seen struggling to keep track of where their shipments are at a given time.

Abivin vRoute is the Optimal Transportation Management System, supporting Shippers to manage their fleet in real time. This logistics optimization platform can automatically schedule delivery routes, helping you track your delivery progress via a virtual map in real time. Traditional planning activities that used to takes hours of manual effort are now solved in minutes.

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As a Shipper, are you facing problems in transportation?

No method to choose Carriers with the lowest cost for the shipment.

Inability to track delivery performance of Carriers

Low customer satisfaction due to the lack of real time tracking

Inability to evaluate logistics effectiveness and improve service quality

Understanding these difficulties, we developed Abivin vRoute, the ultimate Logistics Optimization Platform.

Abivin's optimization algorithm analyzes factors such as cost, vehicle type, weight, volume and schedule to suggest Carriers with the lowest cost for your shipments, thereby reducing logistics costs.

You can take control and keep track of your shipments in real time to increase customer and partner satisfaction.

Abivin vRoute automatically compiles and analyzes transportation data to help you make the most accurate decisions.

Abivin Logistics optimization platform can also be effectively integrated with many ERP systems and Telematics devices to provide you with a streamlined supply chain management process.

With Abivin vRoute, your transportation planning time is reduced significantly! Now you can keep your fleet on schedule at ease and spend more time on other tasks more efficiently!

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