Top 8 software every FMCG company should invest in

FMCG is a versatile and rapidly changing industry. Therefore, FMCG businesses are usually the pioneer in using innovative methods and facilities to improve their work processes. In particular, applying technology in every aspect: production, customer relationship management, internal communication, resource management and logistics can bring them remarkable competitive advantages since business efficiency, culture and relationships rely heavily on technological infrastructure. Here are the top 8 software other than ERP that every FMCG company should invest in to improve their quality and quantity of products and services.

Choosing a suitable software for your FMCG firm is necessary as it must be tailored for complicated and multi-tier distribution systems involving numerous distributors, retailers, the company and its end users. An effective system encompasses elements which are tailor-made for each purpose of FMCG business operations, such as production, customer services, and distribution.

1. Distribution Management System (DMS)

FMCG is always known as a highly customer-driven market. Because of the recent e-commerce trends, customers now want their orders to be available and delivered at their place abruptly. That's why a distribution management system is totally needed in the FMCG business. Moreover, DMS can modify the entire logistics administrations, operations and construct faithfulness among various buyers in the FMCG industry.

Recommended software: DMS Pro
DMS Pro - Distribution Management System
DMS Pro - Distribution Management System

Information: A cloud-based DMS that helps business eliminate manual sales processes, estimate promotions precisely and control all distribution activities.

Pricing: only available after contacting a sales representative.


  • Sales Force Automation helps salesmen improve the quality of customer care.
  • The core DMS application helps distributors execute their operation on a daily basis.
  • Provide visibility to develop and maintain coverage and manage point of sales.

2. Transportation Management System (TMS) and Route Optimization Software (ROS)

TMS and ROS are needed for both Primary and Secondary Distribution of FMCG products. Cutting costs in transportation has always been a concern for FMCG companies due to the huge capacity and fast-paced movement of the industry. On one side, customers require smaller available orders more regularly. Simultaneously, your business is under the pressure of reducing logistics costs. A transportation management system might be the key to lessen your burden. It takes FMCG companies so much time and costs planning route in a conventional way. Not merely simple as finding the shortest path connecting delivery points, the route plan also needs to take several robust and flexible attributes of FMCG businesses into account. Once all is considered, logistics managers now can rely on a route optimization software to boost efficiency rather than manual work, and track all delivery activities on a real-time dashboard.

Recommended software: Abivin vRoute
Abivin vRoute - Transportation Management & Route Optimization Software
Abivin vRoute - Transportation Management & Route Optimization Software

Abivin vRoute - Transportation Management | Route Optimization

Information: Abivin combines Transportation Management, Inventory Management, Route Optimization, Business Intelligence into an all-in-one Logistics Optimization Platform which helps FMCG businesses automate their processes and reduces costs and resources up to 30%. This solution is designed specifically for resolving transportation constraints in ASEAN countries.

Pricing: $10-$15/month per user


  • Automatically generate optimal routes that satisfy 20+ parameters including load capacities, multiple time windows, cross-docking, truck and bike delivery.
  • Manage multi-location inventory status in real-time, keep track of stock keeping days, product expiration dates, and other key inventory performance metrics.
  • Geo-track vehicles in a real-time map, get geo-fencing alerts and mobile ePOD to update delivery progress, measure deliverymen's performance.

Contact Abivin to optimize your business with Abivin vRoute!

3. Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse management system enables FMCG firms to take control of their diversified range of product and stock items, as well as monitor the operations of goods and materials moving in and out of the depot. Monitoring inventory well can prevent wasted costs and time as small business owners spend 30% more operating excess inventory [1]. Yours can be an optimal one if you invest in a compatible WMS that can fulfill special requirements of FMCG.

Recommended software: IBM Sterling WMS
IBM Sterling WMS - Warehouse Management System
IBM Sterling WMS - Warehouse Management System

Information: This software, suitable for high-traffic warehouses, provides data in real time and automates warehouse processes to support businesses with better planning, optimization and control of warehouses.

Pricing: only available after contacting a sales representative.


  • Manage customers, vendors, stocks and inventory replenishment through diverse selling channels, billing, invoicing and full order fulfillment.
  • Start-to-end tracking: the software follows inventory from the initial order to the final delivery.
  • Execute real-time workflow and productivity metrics, access real-time inventory visibility.

4. Retail Operations Software

Due to the multi-tier attribute of FMCG industry, the required amount of products under control is obviously gigantic. To enhance visibility and reduce the risks of losing coverage against competitors in every point of sales, every FMCG firms should integrate solutions which are capable of keeping a record of numerous products displayed, monitor field staff and support the business operations.

Recommended software:

Not to be biased, but Abivin vRoute does provide several features which strengthen FMCG operations processes. If you'd like to know more how Abivin vRoute can help track share of shelf, share of display, or any on-shelf availability of your products, feel free to contact us for a demo.

Another one is the Image Recognition Solution from Trax retail

Image Recognition Solution from Trax retail
Image Recognition Solution from Trax retail

Information: An in-store execution software that allows companies to approach the view of store shelves in real time and the field staff performance from different channels.

Pricing: only available after contacting a sales representative.


  • Approach actionable and detailed mobile reports by image analysis and recognition.
  • Access scorecards of sales representatives and store KPIs.
  • Provide in-flight mobile analytics and online dashboards based on role.

5. Product Information Management Software (PIM)

Product information management is the fundamental tool for any firms wanting to digitize their whole workflow, especially for FMCG environment, where a variety of items is produced in large quantity on a daily basis. Implementing suitable PIM software help companies manage their product information and address the industry-specific business process requirements.

Recommended software: Salsify
Salsify - Product Information Management Software
Salsify - Product Information Management Software

Information: A product information management platform enables brands to deliver the product experiences in one database

Pricing: only available after contacting a sales representative


  • Import product information anytime, anywhere.
  • Model data in any use case without an IT project.
  • Create and change data values across any set of products or the entire product catalog.

6. Business Intelligence Software (BI)

FMCG businesses generate an enormous amount of data everyday, but only a few are of paramount importance. Enterprises which have integrated a BI software hold evident competitive advantages as the system offers predictive analytics besides conventional types of report. Moreover, prompt market research and trend forecasting are the foundation of the industry. That's why BI software is indispensable for your FMCG company.

Recommended software: Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI - Business Intelligence Software
Microsoft Power BI - Business Intelligence Software

Information: A business analytics service provides interactive visualizations with BI capabilities, where end users can generate reports and analytical dashboards on their own.

Pricing: Starting at $9.99/month per user


  • View key metrics anytime, anywhere.
  • Create and publish content packs to a team or the entire organization comprising of dashboards, reports, and datasets.

7. Demand Planning Software

Demand planning is an essential part of a supply chain management process, in which firms accumulate statistics and use market signals to predict customer demand tendency. For FMCG businesses, generating reliable forecasts can help them make critical decisions about a variety of items at any time in the supply chain. Demand forecast solutions help FMCG companies plan their inventory smarter, time-saving and more accurate.

Recommended software: Kinaxis RapidResponse

Kinaxis RapidResponse - Demand Planning Software
Kinaxis RapidResponse - Demand Planning Software

Information: This software connects data, processes and people into a single balanced environment to plan anticipated performance, supervise progress as well as respond to disruptions.

Pricing: only available after contacting a sales representative.


  • Forecast with shorter demand planning cycle times.
  • Integration of demand with other supply chain functions, including product lifecycle management.
  • Tighter coordination that maximizes revenue opportunities, resolves demand and supply risks to keep costs down.

8. Procurement Analytics Software

A set of well-managed purchasing activities can create a substantial boost to the connection between the market and the production process of FMCG industry. However, there is still lack in measuring performance to produce crucial market insights. A procurement analytical software is totally needed for FMCG firms in order to run their supply chain smoothly at the lowest cost possible.

Recommended software: Sievo
Sievo - Procurement Analytics Software
Sievo - Procurement Analytics Software

Information: A software enables enterprises to get access to their spend preferences against peers in the industry.

Pricing: only available after contacting a sales representative.


  • Access real-time spend and supplier information, supplier payment terms, credit ratings, currency rates and other statistics.
  • Provide reports quarterly based on KPIs and benchmarks of each industry, measured by a Procurement Benchmarking tool.
Do you have experience with any of them? Let us know in the comments below!




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