How Abivin vRoute improves driver productivity

Abivin vRoute mobile app is an inseparable component of the Abivin vRoute solution, making delivery much easier for drivers. All it takes for a delivery man to stay connected with the TMS is a smartphone. In the world of Industry 4.0, drivers are not entirely replaced by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but without modern technology, they face the risk of maintaining low efficiency due to vehicle routing problem. Can be installed from Google Play or Apple App Store, the Abivin vRoute mobile application, which is inseparable from the Abivin vRoute system, enables drivers to take advantage of smartphone to the fullest in order to increase their work quality. The benefits offered as follows may help drivers and logistics manager determines if using Abivin vRoute - the route optimization system is beneficial for them.

1. Time saving

A driver using Abivin vRoute Mobile App to improve productivity
A driver using Abivin vRoute Mobile App to improve productivity

First and foremost, it saves much time for the drivers. Previously, it is a lengthy and exhausting process to locate every shipment, arrange the route for all addresses and figure out the best path to each. Drivers now just need to follow the optimized route which is mapped out by the Abivin vRoute system instead of receiving a long list of destinations and planning the route by themselves. Whereas turn-by-turn navigation is utilized by various apps, what makes Abivin vRoute mobile app distinct is its demonstration of route sequences. For instance, drivers using Google Maps can only plan the route to an address and need to fill out the next destination at every hand-off point, not to mention that the overall route are not optimized. Abivin vRoute mobile app is the solution for this problem, making navigation for stopping at many points no longer a concern.

2. Clear tasks, requirements and guidance

Abivin vRoute mobile app showing delivery points and sequence
Abivin vRoute mobile app showing delivery points and sequence

The Abivin vRoute app provides drivers with necessary information on a daily basis. List and order of stores, the exact location of each customer and time window of the location are clearly identified in advance to avoid confusion. The app shows the goods details of each store assigned, such as types, volume, weight, notes… to ensure the drivers deliver the precise consignment and collect the exact amount of money. Several customized requirements may be included, and the system considers every imported component to optimize the route for the drivers. By following the guidance of the app (tasks controlled by the logistics manager), drivers know what they need to do and how they can fulfill their tasks.

3. Protect the right and obligation of the drivers

Delivery notes, daily tasks on Abivin vRoute
Delivery notes, daily tasks on Abivin vRoute

Real-time updates enable dispatchers to keep track of actual performance and give orders accordingly. The taken paths and consumed time in reality are reflected constantly in the overall map supervised by the logistics manager. If a driver goes out of the designated route, the Abivin vRoute system of the logistics manager will immediately receive a notification. Thus, tracking and measuring behaviors of drivers over time are effortless, while feedbacks and updates from drivers are simultaneously available. Moreover, the app is easy to implement and user-friendly that allows drivers to capture and transmit events such as arrivals, departures.

The app also provides electronic Proof of Delivery with multiple methods. The streamline operates with the confirmation of product counts, amount of COD received and pictures of stores, which allows drivers to promptly and easily report to the manager. OTP SMS is also sent to customer's mobile phone as a method to make sure the receivement of goods. The drivers then need to input that OTP to the app to confirm goods delivered. Everyday, drivers receive their daily tasks, amount of goods to be delivered, check in and out of each location, view and confirm the consignment every end of the day. This feature also contributes to the protection of drivers' rights and settlement of any dispute arises. Also, it's easier to give award or punishment to individuals based on their actual performance, overtime hours and other statistics derived from the app. Their quality and quantity of work are demonstrated precisely so that the drivers receive what they deserve.

Abivin vRoute Mobile App demo

When it comes to supply chain management and transportation optimization, the accuracy and timeliness of transferred information are of critical importance. By using both TMS for managers and application for drivers, the real-time visibility is accessible. Abivin vRoute mobile app harmonizes the roles of technology and humans. Digital transformation shall not prevail the activities of drivers, in this case, Abivin vRoute complements and enhances drivers efficiency with its functions. The Abivin vRoute mobile application now available on iOS and Android offers dispatchers opportunities to breakthrough.

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