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We have been writing Enterprise Software at Abivin for almost 2 years. Our fast execution is helpful in getting the initial data and then “training a model” so that the model becomes a policy or a process. For the next time, the process can be easily repeated when a similar case occurs. Regarding product development, the most exciting idea we come up with is a model that fits all of the existing Enterprise Software Systems. We name it Model MXYZ. It can easily be explained as follows.

Model MXYZ, as you may guess, consists of 4 software components M, X, Y, Z. M is the software component for Managers; X, Z are software components for Employees or DeviceZ within the organization - under M's management; Y refers to Buyers/Customers who is external to the organization.

a diagram that shows an android connected with other devices
Simple diagram for Model MXYZ

To be more specific, M can be a manager or a group of managers who supervise the activities of X's - Employees. Each employee carries a mobile device and reports for M. X's frequently interact with Y's - Customers who may also possess mobile devices to communicate back to X's (if Y does, Y is just like an Uber customer; if not this is similar to our current vRoute system).

Z may be another class of employees (such as back-office personnel) or may just be a device owned by the same organization with M and X. Z interacts with X internally (such as Payroll in Accounting Software) and with Y externally (such as Invoice in Accounting Software).

We give the following examples that Model MXYZ applies for existing systems:

- Uber is MXY: Uber’s managers are M's, Uber’s drivers are X's, Uber’s customers are Y's.

- Abivin vRoute is MX: Our distributor customers are M's, distributor’s deliverers are X's.

- Abivin vApp is MXYZ: Abivin vApp is an all-in-one system that fits every retail business. We provide a cloud-based and mobile-enabled management system for your organization, project tasks, customers and products.

In addition to management features in Abivin vApp, we implement advanced Optimization and Machine Learning algorithms (this is the expertise of our CEO). We strive to ease the work of the Managers and Employees by automating repetitive tasks. From M to X, there is always an algorithm implemented by our experts in Algorithms & Data Science team. We reduce existing resources of enterprise customers and always look for some way to improve at least 25% efficiency (i.e. generate 25–40% income or save at least 25% costs c.f. the same period).

Internally, we use Abivin vApp ourselves. The system is currently used by our Sales and Marketing team to keep generating valuable data, used by our HR, Operations & Accounting departments to keep track of potential candidates and analyze people's potential, making sure that the internal services provided for everyone are run smoothly. The Product team is using the task management Gantt chart to make sure the quality of our software is taken care of precisely.

You can effectively implement Logistics Optimization Platform Abivin vRoute to cut down on logistics costs.

Visit https://www.abivin.com/vroute to learn more!

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