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Updated: Feb 26

As a logistics manager, have you ever spent hours and hours, just to come up with a delivery plan for your fleet? However, you have no idea if that plan were the most optimized or not, you have no way to monitor delivery progress and performance, and the worse thing is, that delivery plan was so unoptimized that it leads to too much money being wasted.

Those are the problems a logistics manager face with every day. An unoptimized delivery plan can cost you too much time and money. So why not utilize computing power to assist you with that task?

Abivin vRoute was created to make your job easier by eliminating all manual route planning and help you manage your fleet much more efficiently.

Equipped with smart algorithms, Abivin vRoute can generate an optimal routing plan in just seconds, maximize vehicle’s capacity, and help you save 40% cost of human resources and fuels.

Abivin vRoute mobile app allows delivery men to update their status, making the delivery progress completely transparent. With the real-time map, you can locate each of your vehicle, monitor if they are going along with the delivery plan or not. By clicking on each vehicle or store, you will find the exact details of products being delivered, and keep track of undelivered products.

All important metrics will be automatically recorded. You can monitor delivery status, success delivery rate, work distribution of delivery men, and improve customer services.

Start optimizing your delivery plan today by getting a FREE TRIAL at

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