5 Key Steps To Work Effectively With Software Vendor

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Recently, using advanced technology instead of human beings has become more and more popular in many types of business, not only in Logistics industry. However, not every company is willing to change for the two following reasons:

  • First, the traditional way has become a common process for years that makes enterprises afraid to change.

  • Second, many companies don’t have the experience and confidence to work with software solution providers - potential partners who can help them run their business more smoothly & effectively.

With years of experience in providing software solutions to firms and multinational corporations, we can help Manufacturers, Retailers & Logistics companies get more profound knowledge of how to work effectively with such partners.

Basically, there are 5 main steps: Demo, Trial, Feature Development, Pilot and Full Deployment.

1. Demo

Demo phase - Software vendor researches about the delivery and logistics model of the company


This is an essential phase because during this time, software vendor starts to research about the delivery and logistics model of the company. Besides, the company can propose their expectations & changes after using the software. After that, the software vendor can propose a list of basic requirements. This is regarded as the first brief picture of an overall strategy to help the company to operate more efficiently.

2. Trial

Trial phase - Observation and examination


In this phase, an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) will be signed by both parties. After that, in order to understand more deeply about the company’s operation, the vendor will send a group of examiners to client’s company on a field trip. This group is responsible for carefully observing the company’s present working & operation process.

The company also needs to provide vendors with all the data and specification such as delivery model, data of customers, orders, types of vehicle, route, time and so on, so that the software vendor can create a free trial account for the company.

After the trial, the different results between the two periods (before vs after trial) will be shown to the company for them to decide whether to continue with the project or not.

3. Features Development

Features development phase - Establish the final list of requirements

In this step, the vendor will establish the final List of Requirements, which is a vital step affecting significantly other next steps. Therefore, the company is advised to thoroughly examine this final list since any changes or addition will affect the project’s speed. After the final list of requirements is confirmed, the vendor will make a detailed plan of deployment timeline as well as price quotation for pilot & deployment phase. When the contract is signed, the supplier will begin to develop the demanded features.

4. Pilot

Pilot phase - Test the new software in the real operation on a group of customers

In this phase, the company will test the new software in the real operation on a group of customers to test the new process and activities. The company will get a full comparison between trial and real usage.

5. Full Deployment

Full deployment - Last phase of working process between the firm and the software vendor


Full deployment is the last phase of working process between the firm and the software vendor. The firm will establish training models for each position when using the software. For instance, managers & supervisors will be dispatchers. On the other hand, drivers have to learn how to use the new software on their PC or phones. Finally, the vendor will begin to assist their customers following the Service Level Agreement.

Although working process varies among different companies and vendors, above are the basic steps on how to work effectively with software suppliers that every company should know. To begin this progress, at first, managers need a clear mind with a strategic vision and readiness to change which helps their companies to catch up with modern digital age.

Have you implemented new technology in Logistics process?

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