Top 5 Telematics Sensor Providers For 3PL Companies

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Top 5 Telematics Sensor Providers For 3PL Companies
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There are many telematics providers that can help 3PLs enable real-time track & trace of different types of data like location, vehicle stop, door open/close, temperature, etc. This article will introduce top 5 telematics sensor providers for 3PL companies.

1. TomTom

TomTom, founded in 1991, is best known for being a global leader in navigation and mapping products. TomTom creates state-of-the-art fleet management solutions and industry-leading location-based products. TomTom Telematics is now recognized as a leading provider of telematics solutions, with over 350,000 subscriptions worldwide, making it one of the world’s largest telematics companies.

TomTom telematics
TomTom telematics

a. Vehicle tracking – Fleet tracking

Always know where your vehicles are. Register time, mileage and the location of each of your vehicles historically and in real-time.


  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Informative tracing
  • Instant alerts
  • Mileage registration
  • Tachograph Manager
b. Fleet Optimization

Improve fleet efficiency. Make smarter decisions with extensive reports and real-time dashboard information about your vehicles.


  • Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Notifications
c. Green & Safe driving

WEBFLEET provides both the fleet manager and drivers with detailed driving behavior information. Everyone is empowered to take action, before, during and after each trip. Keep your vehicles and your drivers green and safe with WEBFLEET.


  • Optidrive 360
  • Driving Behaviour
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Schedule maintainance tasks

2. Verizon Connect:

Verizon Connect telematics
Verizon Connect telematics

Verizon Connect is a leading telematics companies for mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Fleetmatics Group’s intuitive, cost-effective Web-based fleet management solutions provide fleet operators with visibility into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage, and other insights into their mobile workforce.

a. Increase fleet visibility with fleet tracking

Get a near real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations, so you can help reduce costs, increase productivity, stay on top of vehicle maintenance, and make the most of every business day.

b. Streamlined fleet management gets more done with fewer resources:

Better fleet visibility helps you take stock of what you have and how it’s being used. The GPS fleet tracking solution can help you uncover hidden costs while revealing potential for greater productivity and efficiency.

c. See the status and activity of all your fleet vehicles:

High-resolution maps with smart clustering and detail on demand provide a simple yet powerful vehicle tracking solution to:

Help reduce fuel consumption

Provide accurate ETAs

Monitor vehicle diagnostics & vehicle maintenance needs

Keep tabs on your mobile workforce and equipment

Prevent unauthorized out of area use (geofencing)

d. Analyze your fleet’s performance over time:

See important trends by team, department or across the entire fleet. The customizable dashboards make it easy to review your progress towards KPIs or budgets, with near real-time fleet analytics provided by fleet tracking system.

3. Geotab

Geotab telematics device
Geotab telematics device

MyGeotab is a web-based fleet management software that is available to all Geotab customers under any feature package: Base, Regulatory, Pro, and ProPlus. See all your vehicle and driver information in one place and use it to make quicker, better-informed decisions for your business.

a. GPS Vehicle Tracking

See vehicle location in near real-time and a complete trips history. Geotab’s patented algorithms provide accurate, detailed information. Get fast, precise updates with Active Tracking and manage driver privacy with Privacy Mode.

b. Driver Behavior Management

Influence safe driving behavior with in-vehicle driver feedback and coaching tools. Drivers that share vehicles are still individually identified with Geotab’s Driver ID NFC technology.

c. Advanced Reporting

Geotab offers advanced reporting flexibility. Start with Geotab’s standard reports, and make them more meaningful by tailoring them to your exact fleet needs.

4. Ctrack

Ctrack telematics
Ctrack telematics

Ctrack specialises in the research, design, development, manufacturing, sales and support of technologically advanced solutions – tailor-made for the consumer or industry sector required. As a global supplier of vehicle tracking, insurance telematics and fleet management solutions, Ctrack’s operations are encapsulated in the promise, Always Visible.

a. Provides full visibility of your fleet

Rich fleet analytics and dashboards: Help you to understand the wealth of telematics information through live data analysis and business intelligence reporting as well as standard dashboard representation, so you get the full picture on one page.

Fleet management software: With access to Ctrack FleetConnect, the web based fleet management software, you can view and manage all aspects of your fleet, from fuel usage, licence renewals and traffic offences, toll fees, vehicle service schedules and much more.

b. Reduces fuel and maintenance costs

Fuel consumption monitoring: Remotely access performance and usage data by connecting into the vehicle’s CANBus system to report on a wide range of information including fuel consumption (km/L), revolutions per minute (RPM), odometer reading (ODO), throttle position, engine load/torque, fuel levels and engine temperature. This means you can effectively save on fuel and maintenance costs while minimising environmental impact monitored by our carbon emissions (CO2) reporting.


KORE is the largest IoT/M2M service provider of global machine-to-machine (M2M) network connectivity – offering complete global coverage through GSM, CDMA and satellite data services. KORE’s premier IoT/M2M solutions include optimized price plans from local, regional and global carrier partners that are customized to the requirements of each business.

a. IoT Vehicle Tracking

Customize a global GPS remote-asset tracking application for extendible, location-based services

Access superior connectivity coverage for increased visibility and greater confidence

Improve vehicle tracking and locating even as your fleet travels farther and threat risks increase

Protect vehicles, capital expenditures, and reduce insurance costs

b. Telematics

Ensure compliance and increase network coverage with a streamlined, telematics-enhanced ELD solution

Build, centralize, and maintain vital insights into every detail of fleet and transport management

Monitor and encourage driver behavior to improve fuel use, safe driving, and policy compliance

Build metrics and maintenance analytics to predict and prevent potential issues

c. Field Service

Speed remote servicing with tablet-based solutions that enable real-time interaction for simplified, expedited diagnosis and performance of required work

Respond quickly with repairs or replacements to keep vehicles rolling when they are in the field

Manage, report, and archive every detail of field service

Implement predictive fleet maintenance with data related to service patterns


In conclusion, because of the fierce competition in the market today, 3PL companies desperately need the development of technology, software that can help them improve their competitive position, help them increase cost efficiency.

Abivin vRoute can be integrated with telematics sensors
Abivin vRoute can be integrated with telematics sensors

Our logistics optimization platform Abivin vRoute can be integrated to multiple telematics sensor to give you the most comprehensive control of your fleet on the road. Besides route optimization, transportation management provided by Abivin, you can also view multiple data fields like truck start/stop, temperature, door open/close on the interface of Abivin vRoute.










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