Optimal Transportation Management System For Distributors - Abivin vRoute

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Optimal Transportation Management System For Distributors - Abivin vRoute
ABI-VNM - Abivin Vietnam, Phạm Nam Long
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Distributors are a vital part of the supply chain. They act as the medium between manufacturers and retailers. In today's fast-paced marketplace, the increasingly convoluted supply chain network are emcumbering traditional warehousing and distribution workflow. As a result, many Distributors are finding it hard to make a decent profit while trying to fulfil different needs and requirements of their customers.

To survive and thrive in this pressured supply chain position, Distributors need to increase efficiency by leveraging the advancement of new technologies. Abivin vRoute is an Optimal Transportation Management System that supports Distributors to manage their fleet in real time. This logistics optimization platform can automatically schedule delivery routes, helping you track your delivery progress via a virtual map in real time. With Abivin vRoute, streamlining your company's logistics is easier than ever!

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As a Distributor, are you troubled by persistent problems?

High delivery costs due to nonoptimal delivery plans.

Time wasted on planning delivery routes manually.

Inability to keep track of delivery progress and performance.

Mistakes, delays and damages in delivery.

Understanding these difficulties, we developed Abivin vRoute, the ultimate Logistics Optimization Platform.

Abivin's optimization algorithm analyzes factors such as order, cost, vehicle type, weight, prohibited road and more than 20 other delivery conditions to optimize the delivery route for your fleet, Keeping costs at the lowest, thereby reducing logistics costs.

The mobile application allows the driver to update order completion status. Thanks to that, you can easily track the delivery progress via a virtual map in real time.

Abivin vRoute automatically integrates and analyzes transportation data to help you make the most accurate decisions.

With Abivin vRoute, your planning time is reduced significantly! Now you can keep your fleet on schedule at ease and spend more of your precious time on other tasks more efficiently!

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