Optimal Transportation Management System For Carriers - Abivin vRoute

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Optimal Transportation Management System For Carriers - Abivin vRoute
ABI-VNM - Abivin Vietnam, Phạm Nam Long
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For any logistics provider, arranging delivery services always carries a risk of cost escalation due to issues that affect your bottom line such as fuel wastage, surcharge fraud and low fill rate. To increase productivity and keep expenses low, it is advisable that Carriers consider using digital platform to streamline their logistics activities.

With Abivin vRoute, hidden costs that have been creeping up your budget are now bygones. Information about your key metrics and the whereabouts of your fleet are always visible in real time, thus enabling you to focus on your core competency more efficiently.

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As a Carrier, are you facing problems in transportation?

High logistics costs due to non-optimal delivery routes.

Transportation progress relies heavily on the drivers

Customer service quality decreases due to late deliveries, missed shipments or inefficient fleet management

Inability to evaluate logistics performance and improve quality.

Understanding these difficulties, we developed Abivin vRoute, the ultimate Logistics Optimization Platform.

Abivin vRoute supports a range of transportation models such as last mile, long haul, pickup and delivery, container shipment, cold chain delivery, cross docking and more!

Abivin's optimization algorithm analyzes factors such as order, cost, vehicle type, weight, restricted road and more than 20 other delivery constraints to optimize the delivery route for your fleet, keeping costs at the minimum, thereby reducing logistics costs.

You can control and track your shipments in real-time to increase customer and partner satisfaction.

Abivin vRoute automatically compiles and analyzes transportation data to help you make the most accurate decisions.

This logistics optimization platform can be effectively integrated with Telematics devices to help you keep track of temperature, speed, fuel level, door open or close, and many other parameters.

With Abivin vRoute, your planning time is reduced significantly! Now you can keep your fleet on schedule at ease and spend more time on other tasks more efficiently!

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