Introducing Abivin vRoute 3.0 - Logistics Optimization Software

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Introducing Abivin vRoute 3.0 - Logistics Optimization Software
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Introducing Abivin vRoute 3.0 - The First Mover in Logistics Optimization Software. Having been used by some globally renowned companies, including FrieslandCampina, A.O.Smith among others since 2015, the latest version of Abivin vRoute is the most robust, responsive, and effective with new features.

An All-in-One Supply Chain Management System

Abivin vRoute used to be solely a Route Optimization Software in version 1.0 introduced 3 years ago, but the new version changes all that. Today, you can find every distinctive feature of an Inventory Management Software, Transportation Management Software (TMS), and Route Optimization Software (ROS) in one platform, making Abivin vRoute the game-changing solution for any supply chain, from those of small, medium enterprises to big, complicated one of multinational, Fortune 500 corporations.

Inventory Management

inventory warehouse management software
Inventory Management Feature

Inventory management is a new function recently added to the Abivin vRoute system. And it is considered to be the final piece of the Abivin vRoute platform, making the software the most comprehensive solution for any logistics/delivery application.

Order Management

order warehouse management software
Order Management Feature

In the last version, you can only upload orders to serve the purpose of route optimization. With Abivin vRoute 3.0, order control has been integrated into the Inventory Management System so that you can create and manage both Sales Orders and Purchase Orders all in one system.

Transportation Management

transportation management software
Transportation Management

Transportation Management System (TMS) has always been a core strength of Abivin vRoute. In this version, it continues to be the main function, packed with new features like easier trucks, motorbikes dispatching, establishing multiple plans and transportation schedules at once.

Dynamic Route Optimization

route optimization software
Dynamic Route Optimization

Route optimization is the function that established the name for Abivin vRoute. One important thing to note down is though some software integrates OMS, WMS, TMS into one system, Abivin vRoute is the only system that comes with Route Optimization with AI-powered capability, which effectively solves the Vehicle Routing Problem.

In the past 3 years, Abivin has spent hours developing and conducted countless tests to prove the effectiveness of our algorithm. And the result as you know is that Procter and Gamble, FrieslandCampina, A. O. Smith, TCT Group, Phu Thai, and Mesa Group distributors in Vietnam, have entrusted their operations processes to Abivin vRoute. Abivin vRoute decreases costs by reducing the number of vehicles needed. Our customers have saved about $6,000 per year for each motorbike reduced, and about $8,000 - $15,000 in the case of trucks. For example, we helped reduce one motorbike and one truck per delivery for an FMCG distributor in Hanoi, so that the cost-saving value for the company is roughly $6,000 + $8,000 = $14,000 per year.

Analytical Dashboard

analytical dashboard business analytic
Analytical Dashboard

To assist companies with business operations, we equipped Abivin vRoute with a new, stronger analytical dashboard. We know that no business and no manager is the same, so at the heart of the analytical dashboard is flexibility.

Sales Route Optimization

Last but not least is the Sales Route Optimization algorithm. The process starts when you input the data of stores and constraints like visit frequency, time windows, sales target, maximum visit. After that, our algorithm automatically divides those stores into different groups and assign them to salesmen to satisfy all constraints.

If you assign manually, there will be a lot of overlapped territories, which our algorithm and help sort it out to avoid overlapped regions. The one critical question is what do you want to optimize for: Minimum number of salesman or max revenue? Minimum traveling distance or Minimum the revenue difference between salesman?

With many new features and an easy-to-use interface to increase the speed and accuracy of work, Abivin vRoute has become an All-in-One solution for every supply chain function. If you want to read more about how Abivin vRoute can satisfy all of your supply chain management needs, please contact us for a FREE Consultation!

The 3.0 version will be fully launched on April 1, 2018. SIGN UP before April 30 2018 for a 20% discount.

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