Infographic: Compare vRoute 1.0 and vRoute 3.0

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Infographic: Compare vRoute 1.0 and vRoute 3.0
ABI-VNM - Abivin Vietnam, Phạm Nam Long
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Comparison of Abivin vRoute Versions 1.0 and 3.0

Comparison of Abivin vRoute Versions 1.0 and 3.0

Abivin vRoute system enables users to approach efficient logistics management processes. Both versions of Abivin vRoute, 1.0 and 3.0, have the same basic features, which have been developed and upgraded to save time and logistics cost for customers.

1. Similarities

Abivin vRoute 1.0 is known for solving the puzzle of planning routes which satisfies over 20 different business constraints. Thanks to the improved route optimization algorithm, version 3.0 can do much better with other constraints like road condition, temperature, multi-day delivery, etc. It also inherits many localized features for ASEAN countries of version 1.0 like real-time dispatching for both truck and motorbike, capacity utilization. Several features such as: real-time notification, geo-fencing and AI/Machine Learning technology remained and are constantly enhanced from version 1.0 to 3.0. The same applies to the mobile application for drivers.

2. Differences

Apart from those similarities, what makes Abivin vRoute 3.0 superior to 1.0 is various brand new features.

For Web Application, version 3.0 offers advanced features like multiple branches and depots management, sales and purchase order management, real-time inventory management. It also supports numerous transportation models for distinct requirements of businesses such as cold chain and long-haul transportation management. Customizability has gone from “very limited” in version 1.0 to a common practice in version 3.0. In the last version, users can merely generate operational reports, but now they can get access to a Business Intelligence Dashboard which is modified to extract insights on-demand.

Regarding Mobile Application, while version 1.0 can only be installed on Android platform, version 3.0 can be installed on both Android and iOS. Task assignment on mobile is made initially for delivery drivers but now it is possible to assign tasks to other field staff. One of the most remarkably upgraded characteristics of mobile app version 3.0 is the improvement of POD (Proof of Delivery) which empowers security and compliance. The system requires 2-step verification: Photo check-in/check-out and One-time Password SMS (OTP SMS) sent to customer's mobile phone to confirm receiving goods.

In this ever evolving world of technology, it is vital for businesses to upgrade their work processes with the newest products and services. A Transportation Management System like Abivin vRoute can bring about exceptional values. The release of the latest version means more features, less errors and more values for customers. That is why logistics managers partnered with Abivin highly recommend Abvin vRoute version 3.0.

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