How can Machine Learning and AI save your delivery costs?

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How can Machine Learning and AI save your delivery costs?
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In order for a company to grow, it needs to pay a lot of attention to both supply and demand. Every company needs to make sure that it has the right inventory to fulfill customer requirements. It all comes down to establishing a proper and reliable supply chain. Many times, completing such tasks requires a lot of time and effort, but with help from Machine Learning and AI, you will be able to solve these issues.

Both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) use algorithms designed to cast predictions and forecast trends. Used adequately, this means you will get to know when you will have more requirements and in the end, you can adapt all of that to improve your company’s capacity.

machine learning artificial intelligence
Machine Learning, AI

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a computer science field focused on allowing computers the ability to learn without being programmed. Machine Learning is related to computational statistics, as it uses the current data to share statistics about future events and situations.

It’s also connected to mathematical optimization, which offers a wide range of applications in this field. Simply put, Machine Learning is used to create complex algorithms and models that are then shared with prediction. This is very important for supply chains because Machine Learning can easily adapt to study statistics and big data, then it will find the right insights and optimize the entire experience with great results.

What can you use Machine Learning for? Believe it or not, it does work for a variety of industries. It does a very good job in the transportation sector, as you will see from this article. At the same time, other industries that benefit from it include personal security, financial trading, data security, healthcare, and marketing personalization. Basically, Machine Learning does a very good job anywhere it’s allowed to learn and adapt to the situation.

Artificial Intelligence

The best way to define AI would be the intelligence shown by machines, something different when you compare it with the natural intelligence shown by animals and humans. You can see AI as the study of intelligent agents that study the surrounding environment and adapt to it as well as find solutions to interact with it.

The idea behind AI has been around since 1956, but it took many years to create AI solutions that work. Moreover, the AI field does have multiple sub-fields, but most of these tend to be independent and don’t really communicate with one another.

There are lots of AI research fields that can be used with great success. For example, you have natural language processing, planning, learning, reasoning, and the perception that can be studied with and adapted via AI. However, you will also find real-world fields like fraud detection, website recommendations, online search, natural language processing, and smart cars that do harness the power of AI to obtain some rather incredible results.

How can they lower the delivery costs?

The way Machine Learning and AI can help the transportation industry and large companies, as well as small businesses, is by using statistical models which include uncertainties. Then you will have a set of deviations based on that statistic model. These are issues which Machine Learning can overcome. What it does is it models the various demand variation cases. The algorithms learn from the results, and they will build upon the results you offered to provide better solutions.

shipping drone
Shipping drone

This helps your supply chain a lot because you get to have a much more efficient and accurate supply chain. The Machine Learning and AI tech will focus on understanding any difficulties and they will automatically fine-tune the process to make it better and more distinct in the long run.

It’s very hard to opt for regular statistics and forecasts, as they can easily become obsolete very fast. Using Machine Learning and AI to manage your supply chain is a lot better because everything happens automatically and the Machine Learning process studies multiple options before picking a specific, good one.

Developed countries are currently able to integrate great AI technologies such as shipping drones or self-driving vehicles that will end up improving the entire delivery process. With Machine Learning handling the supply chain and AI handling deliveries, companies in the EU, US, and other developed countries can automate this process to boost their efficiency and take things to the next level.

How can Machine Learning and AI make a difference in developing countries?

Even if developing countries don’t have access to the latest technologies, Machine Learning and AI are gradually entering the real business world. Companies start to use them mostly for regular business operations, and mostly for optimizing these operations.

route optimization software
Using Machine Learning and AI to solve Vehicle Routing Problem

Sure, developing countries don’t have the resources needed to leave Machine Learning and AI handle the entire business and shipping process, but these technologies are very good at improving the current business results nonetheless.

In regards to what Machine Learning and AI can do for such businesses, you will note that there are some specific technologies that you have to take into consideration. These include demand forecasting and vehicle routing problems that tend to be an issue if they are handled improperly. Therefore, software utilizing Machine Learning and AI are being developed and widely used to handle and optimize various business operations. Abivin vRoute’s algorithm is the application of Machine Learning and AI that is helping businesses save their logistics costs up to 40% and operate more efficiently. Leveraging the power of AI helps Abivin vRoute's algorithm become smarter every day, and its calculating outputs are constantly improved.

What you have to do is to identify what company services are lacking at this time, and once you do that, the company results can definitely be a lot better if you start using these technologies as soon as possible.


Both Machine Learning and AI have the power you need to improve your supply chain and optimize it for the long run. Unlike regular statistics and optimizations that can be performed only once in a while, Machine Learning and AI are continually learning and improving as they go along. This delivers much better efficiency, and your productivity does raise because of that. But the best part is that your business can indeed benefit from integrating these technologies now. You get to have an up to date and optimized supply chain, all while learning from the competition and better understanding the rapidly evolving industry.

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