5 best software every logistics manager needs

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5 best software every logistics manager needs
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Everything goes digital nowadays and logistics management is no exception. Knowing how to utilize technology to every step of logistics management will help you – supply chain professionals – to maintain a cost-efficient supply management strategy.

We know that it’s a nerve-wracking job for you to control all-thing-logistics every day. Therefore, we went on a research of the best logistics management tools to lift up the burden on your shoulder. With their versatile automation process, smart tracking and many other helpful features, the 5 logistics software below is just what you need in this digitally globalized supply chain planet.

1. Transportation Management Software (TMS)

Cost-saving solutions for multimodal transportation and optimizing all shipments are always one of the hardest puzzles you’ve struggled with. So, why not use a TMS to tackle down your problems?

TMS assists you in transporting goods from the production destination to consumer destination, by providing a single platform for load optimization and supply chain visibility. Using TMS allows you to improve your customer’s happy experience with receiving your product, spend less time on freight management, save more on freight cost, and much more.

Despite the huge advantages TMS bring, in Vietnam, regarding transportation, only “19 percent of enterprises use transportation management systems and 29 percent use GPS” [1]. Although this is a small number, it’s growing, which is a good sign. In Cerasis report in 2016, it said that there’s only 35% of shippers are currently using TMS solutions [2]. And many businesses (up to 68%) wish to implement a new TMS within the next three months or less [2].

Recommended transportation management software: Eyefreight TMS
best logistics software

Website: eyefreight.com


Eyefreight TMS is a leading provider as well as an advanced TMS preferred by big companies like Mango, LEVI’s…

Highlight features:

  • Provide a single platform for central coordination and detailed data visibility over complex, global-wide transport operations
  • Offer effective inventory location management by identifying the ideal stock location, proposing intracompany product transfers…
  • Improve customer service based on a thorough order delivery

2. Route Optimization Software

Delayed delivery is the nightmare to any logistics manager – and route optimization tool works like the dream-catcher to prevent any nightmare to happen, except for that it doesn’t magically do that.

The best route optimization software is a tool to identify the most cost-effective transportation route for you, automatically, by gathering data such as the number of drivers, traffic congestion frequency, number of stops along the delivery trip, weather forecast etc. Revolutionize your organization’s fleet delivery management with smart route optimization software!

In Vietnam, the poor infrastructure, political policy, and bad weather are often the barriers in logistics and raise the total logistics cost. “There is not enough information sharing between the multitudes of logistics players. Freight forwarders, warehouse operators, fleet operators and integrated logistics companies are fragmented and poorly integrated, which results in duplication of efforts, drives higher costs and extends lead times.”[3]. Also according to report by Cerasis in 2016, route optimization is the most wanted feature in fleet management software, voted by 52% of participants [2].

Recommended route optimization software: Abivin vRoute
best logistics software

Website: abivin.com/vroute


Abivin vRoute is an excellent fleet management software that helps save 40% of logistics cost, works hand in hand with other logistics management tools, optimizes your delivery route to its maximum, especially Asian markets.

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Highlight features:

  • Come with a smooth web-based app designed with logistics manager’s real needs in mind, plus an easy-to-use app for deliverymen
  • Automatically monitor real-time delivery route progress and allow immediate re-routing if necessary
  • Do the routing optimization automatically for you – from delivery progress, customer locations, load capacities, driving preferences… so you don’t have to spend hours doing the same tasks
  • Easy to use and interactive dashboard for better control over real-time delivery

3. Demand Forecast Software

Even the most experienced and excellent logistics manager can find demand forecasting a challenging task, especially when there are tons of numbers and tracking reports you need to work with. That’s when a demand forecast software comes in handy.

Demand forecast software analyzes, evaluates and projects accurate, reliable market’s demand forecasts for better inventory planning. Using a good demand forecast software, you’ll have a more precise market trend prediction, higher customer satisfaction based on predicted demands, lowering logistics cost thanks to risk minimization, and many more benefits.

Recommended demand forecast software: JDA Software
best logistics software

Website: jda.com


JDA Software is the #3 best supply chain management software [4]. This software brings you the most precise forecast on market’s demand to decrease supply chain costs, optimize inventory and increase inventory turns.

Highlight features:

  • Offer real-time collaborative scenario planning of demand and supply relationship
  • Deliver accurate forecasting, even for slow movers or for new products
  • Provide intuitive web interface as well as mobile capabilities to facilitate inputs from your partners and internal stakeholders

4. Warehouse Management System

Working with warehouse management issues, you must be familiar with its biggest challenges such as inaccurate inventory prediction, lack of knowledge about inventory’s location, redundant processes, etc.

A warehouse management system (WMS) is the key to resolving all the daily warehouse operations. This handy tool enables centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations and it also helps reduce your logistics management cost efficiently.

The market for WMS has been growing year by year – this trend shows that WMS has become more and more important for businesses. For example, especially in 2010, the market for WMS grew nearly 10% with nearly 1.1 billion a year [5]. “WMS goes international […] eventually, we’ll run out of warehouses without a WMS” [4].

In Vietnam, the market for WMS also goes along with the continuing embrace of information technology in logistics management with “nearly 17 percent use bar code systems and warehouse management software” [1].

Recommended warehouse management software: Accellos WMS
best logistics software

Website: accellos.com


Accellos WMS is a powerful real-time and function-rich WMS to boost your warehouse operation productivity and reduce extra warehouse costs.

Highlight features:

  • Integrate platforms between the warehouse and your ERP, order management, e-commerce or purchasing systems
  • Work seamlessly with many popular accounting/order-entry packages and shipping systems to deliver the ultimate supply chain solution
  • Monitor inventory, channel, returns, shipping, order management with effective demand planning

5. Barcode Scanning Software

Are you sick of the redundant process of passing a product’s code to multiple hands just to recognize and confirm that product order?

Goodbye that scenario. Barcode scanning technology is here to eliminate all the constraints of manual data entry, such as data transcript errors, mistakes for parts checkout, return, receipt, and reorder… Using barcode scanning tool saves you money and time in all aspects of every transaction.

Recommended barcode scanning software: Scandit BARCODE SCANNER SDK
best logistics software

Website: scandit.com


Scandit is the revolutionary barcode scanning software (BSS) that replaces ordinary bulky scanners by turning smartphones into enterprise-level scanners. In mid-2015, the software hit 20,000 licenses in over 100 countries[6].

Highlight features:

  • Provide unmatched speed and accuracy in barcode scanning from your mobile device
  • Allow barcode scanning anytime, anywhere, on any device, in any condition
  • Support easy data sharing across platforms
  • What do you think of the logistics management software above? Have you used any of them? Let us know and let’s discuss more in the comment below!

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