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We help you efficiently manage and track ordering, loading, and delivery processes on a digital platform.


Improved Perfect Order rate


Reduced Cost to Serve


Capacity Utilization Rate

Abivin vRoute​

Order Fulfillment and Logistics Optimization for Retailers

Monitor Order Fulfillment Process

Start with customers placing orders on Abivin's mobile app, warehouse team approving orders for delivery, transportation team optimizing the route, and drivers bringing the products to customers. Our platform helps you monitor and control this order fulfillment cycle from start to finish.

Optimize Dynamically Delivery Routes

Based on actual order volume, our system automatically plans routes and allocates delivery orders to vehicles. Abivin vRoute maximizes vehicle capacity and delivery men working hours, satisfies 20+ constraints like customer time windows, product temperature, road blocks and more.

Reduce Operation Costs and Time

Abivin vRoute optimization algorithm allocates delivery orders to vehicles to maximize weight and/or volume capacity. The number of vehicles needed for delivery is reduced or kept at the optimal level to decrease logistics cost. Based on your actual logistics execution, Vehicle Fill Rate can reach up to 85-95%, while logistics cost can decrease up to 20-30%.

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Track Real-time Fulfillment Status

Track the order fulfillment status, delivery progress, vehicle location with a real-time map and multiple Proof of Delivery methods like Photo Check-In, Electronic Signature. Auto alerts and notifications for off-track vehicles, late deliveries and other unexpected events help dispatchers better control your delivery performance.

Enable Inventory Management

The Inventory Management Module is integrated with optimal transport planning to help you achieve Just-in-time (JIT) and zero inventory goals. Inventory is tracked to avoid errors and frauds in multiple steps like on hand, in purchase order, in delivery order and many more.


Our integration partners

Abivin vRoute can be seamlessly integrated with multiple ERP and Telematics systems to give you a connected supply chain management workflow. Some systems that we have successfully integrated with come from major companies like SAP, Oracle, Manhattan Associates, Microsoft and more. 

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